'2023 Comprehensive Plan Update': Read draft and take survey

'2023 Comprehensive Plan Update': Read draft and take survey

The town is seeking input from Hurley residents and property owners, as well as people who work in the community, about the recently released draft of the town’s “2023 Comprehensive Plan Update.”

The draft, a 63-page document that first was made available to town residents in mid-April, can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here: tinyurl.com/ycjkphrw.

The survey can be filled out by clicking here: tinyurl.com/2hxnm3wa.

A presentation about the Comprehensive Plan draft was made by Town Planner Bonnie Franson during a meeting of the Hurley Town Board on June 6, 2023. You can read a recap of that presentation by clicking here: tinyurl.com/3mjya93m.

The survey and June 6 presentation are early steps in the process of a new Comprehensive Plan for Hurley being adopted. Future steps include discussions by focus groups, interviews with stakeholders, revising the draft based on input, a review by the Ulster County and Hurley Planning Boards, and public hearings.

A Comprehensive Plan FAQ can be found here: tinyurl.com/yc5s88j9.