Things to Do in Hurley

Hurley Heritage Society

Addre ss: Main St. Hurley, NY 12443

Desc ription: Visit historic Hurley, the oldest concentration of privately owned stone houses in the United States. Homes date back to 1680.

The Hurley Heritage Society, located in the Col. Jonathan Elmendorf House (1783) on Main Street, offers the visitor a bit of Hurley history and a map of the stone houses. The website offers great information.

Walk, Bike, or Run the Rail Trails

The O & W Rail Trail runs for 3.2 miles from Marbletown to the Esopus Creek. Much of it is in beautiful forest; the paved portion runs along Route 209 and is maintained throughout the seasons.

The Ashokan Rail Tail runs 11.5 miles from West Hurley to Boiceville through forest, wetlands and along the Ashokan Reservoir.